All That You Need To Know About Food & Nutrition

Food And Nutrition

Food intake plays a vital role in good health, good food intake and eating habits can prevent diseases. Eating a balanced diet can help have a good immune system that is strong against disease. It is very important to pay good attention and to understand what you eat, as this can help improve your health.

What Is Good Nutrition?

Easy, we can define it as the way the body gets the fuel and energy it needs to function and work properly. There is need to be a constant supply of nutrients and energy to keep the body. Just like a car needs fuel and some engine oil, the body also need nutrient to work. Water intake is vitally important. As a matter of fact, the importance of water in the body is a topic for another day. The body also needs Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, these all play a vital role in having a balanced diet as they all have different functions in the body.


Maintaining good health with vitamins is very good for your health. It is advised that Adult and pregnant women should consume more Vitamin D and a lot of calcium and iron that aid strong bone, this can be consumed in food as well as in dietary supplements.


A good diet includes a lot of natural nutrients, you should get your nutrients directly from the source. A good portion of your food portion could consist of fruits and veggies specifically the ones that are red-orange or dark green. You should also include whole grain food like wheat and brown rice. If You are an adult, it is best to avoid dairy products, and if you can’t then go for the non or low-fat product. Eat good protein and it should contain seafood, beans, poultry legumes soya beans, and even tofu.


It is very important to note that not only does good nutrition means adding healthy meals to your eating habit, but it also means removing the unhealthy ones.  A good example of this is Sodium, which is used often to preserve and process. This is very dangerous for people, especially people with high blood pressure. USDA has warned that eating cholesterol above 300 milligrams may be bad for your health 300 milligrams of cholesterol is considered safe to consume daily. This can be found in meat and full-fat. Harmful food may contain fried food, solid fats, and trans fats, and some processed food or overused chemical preservatives can be bad for your health. Watch out for grains and sugar as Refined grains like white flour white rice and refined sugar table sugar, are bad for your health in the long term run, these things could kill you slowly, especially people with diabetes. Many people pay less attention to alcohol and if not controlled properly could be killing you softly, Alcohol is considered dangerous to your health when consumed in large quantities, and excessive alcohol intake is dangerous to your body and kills your organs faster than you is advisable to take not more than one serving cup a day for a woman and at max two for a man. When it comes to alcohol, it is best to watch it.


There are numerous good health and food guidelines available to the guild and direct you in your daily life. These guidelines help to determine what to eat and how to eat to make you stay healthy and well-balanced.




Getting enough to eat is not the issue, the issue is that are you eating healthy?. You may be eating well enough but is your body getting all the nutrients it needs. The goal is to eat healthily and eat good nutrients your body needs to function depending on your age or gender if you are not eating a balanced meal filled with useful nutrients at a good proportional rate you may be at the risk of Nutritional deficiency.  Nutritional deficiency doesn’t always come with food alone, it could be by lifestyle too like your health or medical condition like pregnancy, or high blood pressure. The report has shown severally that people with an intestinal disease or even intestinal removal may be at the risk of vitamin deficiency. Alcoholics and excessive drinkers are high on the list of nutritional deficiencies. Piece of advice. wanna live healthily?. Reduce your alcohol intake drastically as a high intake of alcohol can open you up to many health risks.


A lot of people may be wandering the most common type of nutritional deficiency, well it is Iron deficiency which is also known as anemia deficiency. The body needs blood cells to supply you with a good amount of oxygen, when you don’t have enough iron in your blood to function properly, it won’t supply enough oxygen to your body. Some other nutritional deficiencies can affect your blood cell if not monitored properly, lack of Vitamin B12 or folate, or Vitamin C can trouble your blood cell a lot.


Other Vitamins deficiency include Vitamin D which may weaken your bones and teeth, it can make it very difficult for you to absorb and use calcium. What about Vitamin D, many people are not sure where to get that or if they’re even getting enough at all. Vitamin D is gotten by the skin exposure to sunlight in a non-harmful way. Not getting enough sunlight way causes Vitamin D deficiency. It is advised to get sunbathe once in a while and expose your skin to sunlight. It was discovered that 7 am: 10 am sunlight is good for your body. Get enough sunlight.


Other nutritional deficiencies include:


Beriberi: This is the low levels of vitamin B1 (found in cereal husks)

Ariboflavinosis: This is low levels of vitamin B2

Pellagra: This is low levels of vitamin B3

Paraesthesia: This is low levels of vitamin B5 leading to a “pins and needles” feeling

biotin deficiency: this is low levels of vitamin B7, which can be common in pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to consume foods rich in Vitamin B7.

Hypocobalaminemia: This is low levels of B12

Night blindness: This is low levels of Vitamin A

Scurvy: This is  low levels of vitamin C

Rickets: This is severe vitamin D and/or calcium deficiency

vitamin K deficiency

Magnesium deficiency: This occurs with certain medications and medical problems

Potassium deficiency: This also occurs with certain medications and medical problems


The cheapest and easiest way to avoid this medical condition is to eat good food, having good eating habits and eating a balanced diet can turn your life around for good, making you healthy and balanced. Some Vitamin supplements may be very useful to some sets of people like Old people, pregnant women, and even people with intestinal conditions.

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