All You Need To Know About Entertainment

All You Need To Know About Entertainment

Entertainment is a very broad item. It does not have a specific definition. This is because it can be defined in many ways by many people. It may mean singing to some people and something else like dancing to some other. It can as well mean a different thing entirely to another set of people.

With this, we can make a fair definition of entertainment by saying it is any activity that is held by someone or a group of people that arouses the interest of such a person or people or another person that is witnessing it. This means that entertainment can be performed by someone and enjoined by another person.  Entertainment attracts attention and gives pleasure and delight.

Entertainment can occur even without the entertained being conscious that he’s being entertained because one might enjoy an action without fully conscious that he’s enjoying such action until he snaps out of it and realizes that he was actually enjoying the action. This brings us to the conclusion that entertainment has been in inception since ancient days even before it was called entertainment.

It is expected to know that entertainment might depend on each individual. Individuals choose what they want to be entertained with by themselves. They, therefore, feel unentertained with what they have not chosen.

Examples of what entertains people include; listening to music, watching movies, singing, storytelling, dancing, and more. In the ancient days, their major way of getting entertained is usually through witnessing drama sessions, singing, and making musical melodies. In these contemporary times, people have different new ways in which they get entertained. These ways include sporting, hanging out with friends, clubbing, visiting cinemas, and more.

A very important part of the entertainment that must not be done away with is the performer and audience part. We need to definitely talk about this, although not all forms of entertainment have these two parts because one can get entertained all by himself or herself. The performer is the one who stands to entertain someone or other people while the audience is the person or people who stand to be entertained.


PERFORMER: The performer must be someone who carries his/ her audience in mind. He must carry them along in whatever he does. If he does not practice this, the audience might be lost and not able to gain the aim of being entertained.


AUDIENCE: The audience is someone who receives what the performer is performing. He must pay attention to everything in detail. If not, he would understand the message being passed by the performer.


Importance of entertainment

Entertainment is very important in a whole lot of ways.

  1. It is used to ease tension for sick people in the hospital (comedies)
  2. It is a very good way to spend a holiday.
  3.  Entertainment helps to unwind from the stress.
  4. Entertainment helps to promote culture. This is so because songs, dramas, and some others can actually help to pass to the younger generation the dictates of one’s culture.
  5. For both the performer and the audience, it helps to increase creativity.

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