Gulder Ultimate Search

Gulder Ultimate Search, shortly called GUS, is one of the exciting Nigerian TV reality shows. Many Nigerians couldn’t resist watching the struggles, riddles and the fight for the treasure. It is sponsored by one of the breweries with one of the aims to promote their larger beer, GULDER. Out of the TV reality shows in Nigeria, Gulder Ultimate search is said to be the first of its kind. As a reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search brings participants from different parts of the country to look for the lost treasure. The participants are to go through some activities that vary from an edition to edition. These activities are expected to be discreetly carried out by each contestant, but sometimes as a tram. Gulder Ultimate Search also moves around the country to have their different locations in each edition. This makes it dynamic in that each edition comes with a new location and new sets of activities for contestants to participate in.

Contesting candidates range from about 10 persons to 30 persons. They struggle against one another and search for one hidden treasure or the other.

Below is a brief overview of the GUS so far before it was put on hold.


1st GUS

The first edition was held on the snake island in Lagos State, Nigeria. The name tag of this edition of GUS was “the legend of captain Kush”. Ezeugo Egwuagwu won the prize of three million nairas.


2nd GUS

The second edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search was held in Calabar at the hills of Obudu. It was tagged “the lost helmet of general Maximilian”. The winner of this second edition was Lucan Chambliss. He went home with the sum of five million nairas.


3rd GUS

The third edition was held at NIFOR, in Edo state. The winner was Hector Joberteh who went home with five million nairas. The title of GUS for this edition was “the brew’s master’s secret.


4th GUS

The event of the fourth edition was “the search for the golden age”. The search for the golden age was held on the Shere hills of Jos. This year’s edition was tragic, as one of the contestants git drowned in the lake. Dominic Mudabai was the winner of the search for the golden age


5th edition

The title of the event of the fifth edition is titled “the lost chronicle”. The chronicle was eventually found by Michael Nwachukwu. He was compensated with five million naira and a brand new SUV.


6th edition

For the sixth edition, the contestants were to locate the “horn of valour”. The horn of valour was hidden in Omodo forest of Aagba, Osun state. Uche Nwaezeapu succeeded in finding the horn of valour and was given


A special edition of the GUS was held in 2010. This special edition was tagged the celebrity showdown. The missing thing was the golden goblet. A Nollywood actor was the winner of the celebrity showdown. He went home with seven million nairas. Aside from the celebrity showdown, another normal edition took place in the same year. This year’s normal edition of Gulder Ultimate Search was done in Omo forest. The edition was tagged “ultimate hero”. It was won by Oyekunle Oluwaremi.


8th edition

”The contest of champions” was held at a hill 8called Kukuruku in Akoko in Edo state.   Chris Okagbure won this edition.


9th edition

“The gatekeeper’s fortune” was the tag of the to-be-found. It was located at Usaka, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom. Paschal Eronmose Ojezele was the winner of the 9th edition of GUS.


10th edition

The tenth edition was held in a forest in Akwa Ibom. Dennis Okike was the one who found the ” tenth symbol”. He was given ten million nairas and a car named Mitsubishi Pajero.


11th edition

The eleventh edition was the last edition that was held before it witnessed a pause. The Gulder ultimate search did not come on the show for about seven years. The eleventh edition was tagged ” the general’s helmet”. The general’s helmet was found by Chinedu Ubachukwu in the forest of Aguleri in Anambra state.


After seven years of pause, the guider’s ultimate search came back into existence after its last edition in 2014.  The rejuvenated edition came back in 2021. It started on October 16, 2021, and ended on December 19, 2021. 18 contestants participated in the twelfth edition of Gulder’s ultimate search. This edition was tagged ” the age of craftsmanship”. The winner was ODudu Otu who won N50 million worth of prizes, an SUV, as well as a return ticket to Dubai.


As a reality tv show, the Gulder ultimate search brings contestants to a state where they need to think deeply and apply commonsensical solutions to solve problems that they face in the race to be the winner of the event. Gulder’s ultimate search gives not only the contestants but as well, the viewers the ability to widen their horizons and manipulate the available resources in their favour even in unpleasant situations. The tv series has a very great positive implication for the contestants and the viewers.


Are you interested in being a participant in the next edition of the guide ultimate search?  These are the conditions to be met before you will be considered.

  1. You must be between the range of 18 and 30 years, as applicants older than 30 or younger than 18 will not be given a chance to participate.
  2. You must not have any heart problem and you must not be asthmatic: these two heart problems are given strict attention to. Anyone who has any of the two will not be allowed to participate.
  3. Physically disabled applicants are not allowed to participate.


If you’re able to pass the above screening requirements, then you can proceed to the official website of Gulder ultimate search, 2022. You will be asked to upload your details like your passport and some other personal information. After about 24 hours, you will receive mail through the email account you registered with and there will be a form to fill. Your parents are expected to be one to fill out this form.


NOTE: do not attempt to register twice, as double registration leads to automatic disqualification

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