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Out of the very few most widely accepted and celebrated TV shows in Nigeria, “who wants to be a millionaire” is very outstanding. This TV show is basically based on contestants answering questions to win big and exciting money prizes. Who wants to be a millionaire is sponsored by MTN and anchored by Frank Edoho. With the positive popularity of this TV show, the idea has been adopted in about over 104 places across the world.

“Who wants to be a millionaire” was first launched on October 8, 2004. The tv show lasted for about thirteen years ( 2004 to the 25th of June, 2017) and it experienced a break. “Who wants to be a millionaire” has helped many Nigerians financially in the sense that many participants have gone home with big money prizes; some 5 million, others lesser. Apart from the financial benefits that participants gain from it, it is educative, enlightening, and informative for both the participants and the entire country, as it comes with different questions for every edition that is broadcasted.

The highest prize to win in this TV show was 10 million nairas, for the first thirteen years that it was launched. To win this prize, the participant must first pass through the first stage of a general quiz/game with other participants. After this, the contestant will have to answer 15 questions on the “hot seat”. The hot seat is the seat that is often reserved for qualified contestants to answer questions given to them by Frank Edoho, the anchor.


“Who wants to be a millionaire” holds some special editions of the program at some designated times. There are two major editions of this. They are the Valentine special editions and the children’s day special editions.


The Valentine Special edition: the valentines special comes up around February, during the valentine’s day celebration. This edition is mainly for couples to enjoy the opportunity to sit together and reason together before answering the questions given to them, unlike normal editions which only allow the participation of just one person.


The Children Special edition: The children’s special edition is for children across Nigeria that are about 8 years to 14 years of age. It is a privilege for the students to participate in this TV game show and win prizes. These prizes are usually in the form of scholarships.


Below is the list of the top prize winners of “who wants to be a millionaire”


Chimuanya Aroma Ufodike: this participant won 10 million Naira in 2009, being the winner of the highest prize in the history of the game. Aroma was quite lucky in the sense that he was asked a question that he knew the answer to as the final question. He was asked about a football referee, a Nigerian named Linus Mbah Mr. Aroma could answer the question from his personal experience. Aroma claimed that Linus lived “on top”, as he said, of me.

Osazuwa Osahon Daniels: Daniel also won the sum of 5 million Naira in the year 2009.

Other winners include

Babatunde Oni Oladipo – 5 million Naira (2010)

Nnaemeka Ubaekwena – 5 million Naira (2012)

Winifred E. Karieren: Winifred was the first female to win the sum of five million nairas. (2012)

Sammy Abraham – 5 million Naira (2013)

Olalowo Olatokun – 5 million Naira (2014)


For ease of play, the organizers of the “who wants to be a millionaire” included three lifelines which enable participants to have a better chance of answering questions correctly. These three lifelines are called “50/50”, “phone a friend” and “ask the audience”. How do these work?


50/50: there are four options for each question. When a participant has two possible answers to pick and does not know the exactly correct answer, such participant can go for 50/50, meaning that two of the incorrect options will be omitted and the two others will be left, leaving one correct option and one more incorrect option for the participant to choose.

Phone a friend: there are usually five prearranged friends (with their valid phone numbers) that each participant has been before the commencement of the program. These friends are expected to always be alerted and ready to pick up their calls. When a participant is unable to arrive at a satisfactory answer for himself or herself, such participant is given the opportunity to call a friend out of those four friends.

Ask the audience: also, when a participant does not have a final decision on which answer to pick yet, such participant can request an answer from the existing audience that is present in the room. This is done in that the members of the audience are allowed to vote and their answers are measured in percentages. Therefore, the participant is free to choose an answer from the votes.


It is noteworthy that despite the fact that participants have access to these lifelines, each lifeline can only be used once in a game for each participant.


After about five years of pause, ” who wants to be a millionaire is set to come back. It had been confirmed by the organizers that it would start again in March 2022. The time slated for this show is 8:30. Pm on Sundays.


Do you wish to participate in this wonderful tv series? It is open to Nigerians. Simply dial *569* or *7006*20# on your mobile phone. Follow the instructions that follow to stand a chance to participate in the tv show. You are expected to have a good credit amount on your phone to successfully send in the messages because they are not free messages.

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